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A Forum setup for Starport GE. Frontier Wars will be rebuilt.
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 Choosing Your High Class Ship

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PostSubject: Choosing Your High Class Ship   Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:04 pm

There are 2 high class ships in Starport excluding the IG Ship. They both have special things about them. The Isc and the Sethdar. The Sethdar, however, is a pirate ship and you require -1000 rep points to be able to buy it. It cost $1,200,000 and it must be purchased at the pirate base. In another topic, i will post locations of pirate bases on various servers. To get into the pirate base, you require -1000 rep points (as mentioned above).

To buy the Imperial Starcruiser (isc), you need to join the U.N. To join the UN you require 5000 rep points (positive, not negative). An easy way to get 5000 rep points is to add to someones bounty by visiting the Police HQ at any starbase. If you already have less then 1000 rep and have $5,000,000, then u can add that money to someones bounty. Every $1,000,000 dollars you donate to a bounty gives you 1000 reputation points. Be carefull though. You may have paid the money for your reputation, but you still need to pay $2,000,000 to actually buy the ship.
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Choosing Your High Class Ship
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