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A Forum setup for Starport GE. Frontier Wars will be rebuilt.
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 Forum Special Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Special Rules   Wed Oct 10, 2007 4:50 pm

I have some special rules in my forum that i want people to follow.

1. Multi Posting: You may only post up to 2 posts in the same topic before someone else replies. If you post again, you will be considered spamming.

2. Spamming: If you are caught spamming enough times, you will be marked as Galactic Scourge and all of your posts will be erased from your profile. You also may be banned temporarily.

3. Banning: I will rarely ban people and if I do it will almost always be temporary. I will almost never ban someone permanently. If I do, It is probably because they were banned multiple times and have never learned to stop breaking the rules. If your account is permanently banned, expect an IP address ban aswell. Sometimes I may just delete the profile instead.

4. Swearing/Cursing: I don't care much for swearing/cursing, but there are some words that are replaced by various characters. I will only ban someone for swearing if someone else feels offended by it and if someone does feel offended by a swear that someone has posted, feel free to post that on the topic that the swear was used in, including a quote of the person saying the swear. If the person continues to mention that same word in the topic again (in a rude way), you may get banned.

Thats all for now. Please respect the rules. Cool

Of bold Oblivion fire who finds you for Lord Dagon forever reborn in blood and fire from the waters of Oblivion.
-The Mysterium Xarxes, By Mehrunes Dagon
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Forum Special Rules
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