The Frontier Wars Resurrection

A Forum setup for Starport GE. Frontier Wars will be rebuilt.
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 The Frontier Wars Resurrection Manifesto (WIP)

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PostSubject: The Frontier Wars Resurrection Manifesto (WIP)   Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:05 pm

The goal(s) of the FW Resurrection are as follows:

  1. "Resurrect" Frontier Wars
  2. Re-popularize the server (/game)
In order to do this, we must do the following:

  1. Allow "newb/noob builder corps" to grow and colonize the server
  2. Assist in the (re)colonization of the server
Why are we doing this?

  1. Frontier Wars is "dead", a majority of the colonies have been/are being abandonned.
  2. There are people who wish to play the server and would rather enjoy invading
    than building, however with so little colonies this is quite difficult.
  3. Skilled fighters/invaders wipe small, feeble builder corps.
The solution to point 3?

  • Builders unite! Alone, "noob" builder corps are powerless, without doubt. But when all the builders unite into one alliance (FW Resurrection), then, and perhaps only then, achievements can be made.
So what is the primary purpose of FW Resurrection?

  • Not exactly to spark war between the common invader and invaded, but to convince players (builders and invaders alike) that the server is "down in the dumps", and we have nearly hit rock bottom. The only thing preventing the rebirth is that everytime a builder corp arises, an invader destroys it and prevents any expansion.
The summary:

Let the builders build; It is how the server started, and should be how the server essentially restarts. By allowing builder corps to expand, the server will again grow into what it once was. Colonies will never be made unless someone builds them. When everything is built, invaders can feel free to invade everything.

The last request:

For the invaders who are willing to agree and assist in the reconstruction of FW, to the builders of the future, and just to anyone who owns a decent amount of colonies:

Please don't let your colonies die!

If you are planning to retire, allow people to invade your colonies, or even give them away. By allowing your colonies to be abandoned, you are contributing towards the death of FW.

Carry on the flame, don't let it hit the ground.

Builders, join the FW Resurrection, and help rebuild FW. After Frontier Wars is "resurrected", the FW Resurrection will probably disband, but it will always be remembered. And when FW Res is disbanded, the server will be alive again.

Of bold Oblivion fire who finds you for Lord Dagon forever reborn in blood and fire from the waters of Oblivion.
-The Mysterium Xarxes, By Mehrunes Dagon
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The Frontier Wars Resurrection Manifesto (WIP)
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