The Frontier Wars Resurrection

A Forum setup for Starport GE. Frontier Wars will be rebuilt.
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PostSubject: Requests   Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:25 am

I have some requests/suggestions:

  • Everyone currently on the website, tell more people to join. We need to have things organized and we need everybody to meet up somewhere (here).
  • I've noticed that some of the corps that are part of this alliance are empty/very small. I think we need to understand that this is a big event that needs a large amount of people to work together. My idea is that people for together to make bigger corps.
  • Tell more people about the entire project itself. More people = more fun!
Sorry if i sound bossy lol, but things need to get done.

Of bold Oblivion fire who finds you for Lord Dagon forever reborn in blood and fire from the waters of Oblivion.
-The Mysterium Xarxes, By Mehrunes Dagon
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